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Changzhou YOYI Machinery Co.,Ltd is located in West Taihu Lake Sci-tech Industrial Park. Company has rich advantages of resource, talent, technology and management, and the development ground in pharmaceutical industry for several years. YOYI concentrates on researching, developing, manufacturing and selling pharmaceutical equipments from it is founded.
Changzhou YOYI Machinery devotes to provide good quality and advanced equipments of solid dosage process, including roller compactor (Dry granulator), bin blender, bin lifter, and bin, etc. And the “Spray drying & Dry granulating” integration solution has won the approval and is highly praised by clients. YOYI has built long cooperation with many famous pharmaceutical enterprises such as Anhui Yuanhetang Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd and Jumpcan Pharmaceutical Group. And the application of products has been extended to biological, chemical, and food industry.
YOYI has a group excellent management personnel, professional technical personnel and a team of skilled workers that familiar with precision machinery manufacturing. They have strong independent development ability, and have a number of invention patents. YOYI has a perfect regional sales service network, and a good sales team and after-sales service team to provide high quality pre-sales, mid-sales and after-sales service.
In order to ensure the provision of high-quality products, satisfactory services, timely after-sales, so that customers can be worry-free throughout. YOYI solemn commitment to all customers: To ensure the composition of the system and key components in accordance with the national standards. With the shortest time to give customers satisfactory treatment, users enjoy upgrading services for life, and strive to be the hundred years national brand and the first-class pharmaceutical equipment enterprise.

Coporation Culture

  • Sincerity
    Sincerity is the principle of nature,
    sincerity is the principle of business.
    The staff of YOYI pay attention to sincerity, and win customers by sincerity, win market by sincerity, win respect by sincerity, win success with sincerity.
  • Innovation
    Do not follow trend or do not toady secular, open up a new road.
    ust like the flower in February, one flower attracts hundreds of flowers bloom. Pure and noble, and take the lead.
    The staff of YOYI never to settle, love innovation and dare to innovate. YOYI stands head and shoulders above the peer competitors by continuous innovation, becomes the industry leader, and leads the development direction of the industry.
  • Union
    Union is strength.
    The staff of YOYI believe the strength of union, and refuse to fight alone. So work hard together to create resplendence. The staff of YOYI believe that under the joint efforts of all people, enterprise will become stronger and bigger, will win the outstanding achievements for YOYI, and create a better tomorrow for everyone of YOYI.

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Welcome to visit the website of Changzhou YOYI Machinery Co.,Ltd.
YOYI is a mutually inclusive and shared growth manufacturing enterprise. It is not only a stage for all staffs to show themselves, but also a growth cradle of them. At here, we adhere to "people-oriented", to "team, integrity." Satisfaction, efficiency "as the core, and practice the core value of “I strive, I develop”. We implement the international, standardize and textualized management, let everyone has the same development opportunities.
In the development process of YOYI, we adhere to the concept of “Service for customers”, adhere to strive on the way of manufacturing pharmaceutical machinery. Ease can not become a hero, and mediocrity can not be greatness. YOYI vows to create a first-class pharmaceutical machinery brand with the vanguard of reform and innovation. No matter how bag the mind it, the career will be same big. In the future, the YOYI will achieve the dreams with the staff, enhance the value with customers, and win the social respect with the industry.
Meeting the needs of customers is the starting point and foothold point and all our work. YOYI will create more quality products for customers and provide more valued-added serviced for customers. We sincerely hope all friends can further understand us through our website. And also welcome to visit our company, and hope we can have a good cooperation and win-win development, and create a better tomorrow hand in hand. !
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